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The Trials of Christian Longo


In Mexico, Chris carried his own ID, didn't alter his appearance, and sometimes went by the name Michael Longo, his middle and last names. He stayed in Cancun while Lincoln County authorities charged him with seven counts of aggravated murderthe murder of a child under fourteen years of age carries two countsbut he didn't want to see any U.S. newspapers or hear any news. He had determined that the pressure would be off, and so it was.

But one Canadian woman that he met in the $10 a night hostel thought it was odd that one day he referred to himself as Mike and another time told her his name was Brad. Being carefree, he wasn't shy about his plans: he said that soon he intended to take off for Tulum, 60 miles south, to visit some Mayan ruins.

Longo family gravesite
Longo family gravesite

On January 5, 400 people packed a flower-filled Ypsilanti, Michigan high school auditorium to mourn the deaths of MaryJane and her three children. The funeral service was emotional for all involved. After the service, her father spoke with reporters who said that, outside her family, the church had always been the most important thing in MaryJane's life.

Map of Mexico with Tulum locator
Map of Mexico with Tulum locator

Meanwhile, Christian, outwardly freewheeling and blissfully ignorant of the Ypsilanti goings-on, headed to Tulum on January 7; right after other hostel guests reported that their money had been stolen. 

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