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Caylee Anthony

The Nanny and the Boyfriend

Following his second interview with Casey Anthony, Orange County Sheriff's Detective Yuri Melich wrote in his report: "It should be noted that at no time ... did (Casey Anthony) show any obvious emotion as to the loss of her child. She did not cry or give any indication that she was legitimately worried about her child's safety. She remained stoic and monotone during a majority of our contacts."

Sawgrass Apartments
Sawgrass Apartments

A couple of hours later, detectives tracked down the real Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. On June 17, she had visited the Sawgrass Apartments, looking for an apartment for her and her two daughters. She filled out a guest card, but ended up not renting at Sawgrass. After looking at photos of Casey and Caylee, Fernandez-Gonzalez told the detectives she had never seen either of them. She also said she had never worked as a nanny or babysitter.

Investigators speculated that since Casey had a friend who lived in the Sawgrass apartment complex, she may have seen the guest card and recalled Zenaida's name when she had to come up with someone to finger as a suspect.

Detectives also talked to Casey's current boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro.

Lazzaro said he had met Casey in May and the two had been dating since early June. She had been staying at his apartment since June 10. He first learned that Caylee was missing when Orange County deputies knocked on his door in the early morning hours of July 16. Lazzaro said he last saw Caylee on June 2, when Casey brought her over to play in the pool. During the five weeks Casey had been living with him, she never mentioned that her daughter was missing, Lazzaro said. Whenever he asked about Caylee, Casey said she was with her nanny.

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