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Caylee Anthony

"Coming Clean"

Casey Anthony was certainly not acting like someone who was trying to help the police find her daughter. In fact, her lies were leading detectives astray, forcing them to spend hours chasing down false leads. After wandering around Universal Studios, looking for her office, Casey finally admitted to Detective Melich that she had no office. She didn't even work at Universal.

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony
Melich borrowed a conference room, and he and two other Orange County detectives sat down with Casey Anthony for a second interview. If Melich was hoping that Casey was now finally going to tell him the truth, he was disappointed again. Even when confronted with her ridiculous lies, Casey refused to give in. She maintained that she had dropped Caylee off with Zenaida on June 9, even though Melich told her he had spoken with the manager and no one named Zenaida lived in the complex, even though he told her that apartment 210 had been empty for several months.

Casey admitted that not all of what she had told the detectives was true, but she was adamant that not everything had been a lie. Some of it was true, she said. She claimed she was doing everything she could to help them find Caylee. "I'm scared," she said. "I don't know where my daughter is. The last person that I saw her with is Zenaida."

The detectives demanded to know why Casey had led them to Universal Studios, a place she hadn't worked in more than two years. How was that supposed to help them find her daughter?

"Honestly, I wanted to come and try to talk to security," Casey said. "Maybe pass around a picture of Caylee."

As the interview dragged on, a frustrated detective asked Casey, "I want you to tell me how lying to us is going to help us find your daughter."

"It's not going to," Casey finally admitted.

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