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Caylee Anthony

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Caylee Anthony
Caylee Anthony
ORLANDO, Fla. Authorities involved in the investigation into the disappearance of Caylee Anthony confirmed Friday that the skeletal remains found last week are those of the missing 2-year-old.

On Dec. 11, a utility meter reader stumbled across a plastic trash bag that contained a small human skull with duct tape wrapped around it and hair still attached. Investigators, including FBI forensic specialists, spent the next eight days working the scene of the discovery, which was less than one-quarter mile from the Anthony home, where Caylee and her mother, Casey, lived with Casey's parents.

Caylee, was last seen alive on June 16, but her mother did not report her missing until a month later, and even then she continuously lied to investigators about everything from the date she last saw Caylee to where she dropped her off.

In October, a grand jury indicted Casey Anthony, 22, for first-degree murder even though Caylee's body had not been found.

In recent days, a controversy erupted over the grisly discovery when the Sheriff's Office revealed that the utility worker had twice called in tips about the location where the remains were found. The first tip was in August. Investigators are questioning the worker again but have been clear that he is not a suspect.


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