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Caylee Anthony

Strange Behavior

For a woman whose daughter had disappeared and was still missing, Casey Anthony's behavior following the alleged June 9 abduction of Caylee struck detectives as strange.

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On the night of June 20, Casey was photographed partying at Fusion, the popular nightspot where her latest boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, worked as a DJ. In the photos, Casey is seen smiling, apparently having a good time, not what detectives expected from a young mother whose baby had been missing for nearly two weeks.

Then on the night of June 27, Casey's white Pontiac Sunfire ran out of gas, and she abandoned it in a parking lot on Colonial Drive. Three days later, the tow truck driver who hauled the car away said that when he had opened the Pontiac's door he had smelled a foul odor inside the car. It was the same odor, he said, he had smelled when he had towed a car in which a man's body had sat decomposing for a few days after he committed suicide.

Casey never made any effort to pick up her car.

Detectives found out that on July 2 Casey had gone to Cast Iron Tattoos and had the words "Bella Vita," Italian for "beautiful life" tattooed on her left shoulder blade. On July 15, Casey returned to the tattoo shop and made an appointment to get another tattoo on July 19. Again, not exactly the behavior the detectives expected from the mother of a missing child.

Tony Lazzaro had gone back home to New York for a visit from June 30 to July 5. Casey had spent most of that time with her friend Amy Huizenga. She never mentioned that her daughter was missing.

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