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Caylee Anthony

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The Anthonys weren't the only ones who saw Caylee after June 9, the day her mother, Casey, swore her nearly 3-year-old daughter had disappeared.

Valencia College sign
Valencia College sign
Ricardo Morales, who had dated Casey from February to April 2008, told detectives that Casey and Caylee had spent the night of June 9 at his apartment; he and Casey had sex that night. The last time Morales saw Caylee was the morning of June 10 when he was leaving for work. Casey and Caylee were on his couch. His story was corroborated by Amy Huizenga, a friend of Casey's who later moved in with Morales.

Morales said the entire time he and Casey dated she told him she worked as an event planner at Universal Studios and that she was a student at Valencia Community College, where she was pursuing a degree in event planning. In fact, not only did Casey not work at Universal at that time, officials at Valencia told detectives she had never been a student there.

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