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The Glamorous Life and Grisly Death of Ben Novack Jr.

Sniffing for Clues

On July 16, four days after the murder, the police searched the Novack family home at 2501 Delmar Place, Fort Lauderdale. The two-story, 6,000-square foot residence has six bedrooms and sits on a half-acre lot. Located in the Seven Isles neighborhood, the home looks like mini-resort, perhaps an appropriate place for a man who grew up in one.

Ben shown with his bracelet (inset)
Ben shown with his bracelet (inset)

During the execution of the search warrant, officers seized security footage of the house, miscellaneous paperwork, several computers, copies of the Novacks' bills, phone book and day planner. And, perhaps most importantly, five rolls of duct tape.

A few clues were revealed in the search of the hotel room where he was murdered that pointed to an inside job and not a botched robbery: for one thing, the Rolex that Ben was wearing was not taken, but found in a pool of blood. And yet, investigators had also discovered that a gaudy gold bracelet with "Ben" spelled out in diamonds that Novack never took off was missing. Also found at the crime scene: a piece of plastic from a pair of knock-off Versace sunglasses. As Novack was a wealthy man, knockoffs of any kind in the house would have been remarkable. Later, investigators said that Narcy had claimed the glasses were hers, which raised the police's suspicions.