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The Glamorous Life and Grisly Death of Ben Novack Jr.

Singing Like Canaries

Ben's bracelet
Ben's bracelet

As with any case with multiple defendants, it only takes one person to turn on the others. With the letter aiding them, police unearthed more people who were allegedly involved in the crime. As Ramirez came forward and pleaded guilty, more details about the crime allegedly firmed up. The bracelet that had gone missing from Ben's arm was reportedly given to Gonzalez, who turned himself in a few days after the charges were announced. It was later reported that, because he had not shown up in court for a status conference in February, it was anticipated that Gonzalez was cooperating and had pleaded guilty.

The prosecutor, Elliot Jacobson, also said in court in February 2011 that Ramirez admitted to being the driver to a "violent robbery" and taking $100 to do the job, but said he had not gone inside. He pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and domestic violence charges and contended that it was Veliz who had organized the trips at the behest of his sister. Cell phone records later allegedly revealed that all suspects were present at the hotel.


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