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Thomas Montgomery: Bizarre Love Triangle


Montgomery's wife Cindy was increasingly frustrated by the long evenings her husband spent on the computer. He was even throwing their 12- and 14-year-old daughters off the computer so he could play online all night.

When she happened to intercept some mail including lingerie that Jessi sent "Tommy", it began to make sense. She snooped around a little and soon discovered that her husband had a whole collection of underwear from this young woman. Cindy Montgomery was angry, and she felt protective of underage Jessi, barely older than her own daughters.

She wrote Jessi at the return address on the package. She told her that "Tommy" was her husband of 16 years, and nothing like what he'd told her. As proof, or to tug at the girl's heartstrings, she enclosed a photo of the whole family, including the girls and their dog Shadow, in front of their small, pale yellow house on East Grand Boulevard in Cheektowaga.

Then Cindy confronted "Tommy." She suggested they separate. Montgomery moved into the basement.

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Jessi was stunned. She looked to "Tommy's" friends list at to find out more. That's how she contacted Brian Barrett. He confirmed everything Montgomery's wife had told her. Barrett and Jessi started playing online bingo together. They flirted, and struck up their own salacious online relationship. Yet she still emailed the unmasked Montgomery, seemingly unable to resist the alter ego he'd created, even knowing it was entirely fictional.

Unsurprisingly, Jessi's divided affection caused some tension between the two men.


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