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The mistress

Marie-Helene Jarry
Marie-Helene Jarry

Hyatt also learned of another woman with whom Papalexis had been involved: Canadian-born Marie-Helene Jarry. Jarry, a former retail worker who had been married to an investment banker until their divorce in 2001, had been Papalexis' mistress for approximately two years and was the woman dining with him when he was arrested. Believing his promises that he would divorce his wife, Karina, and marry her, Jarry was devastated when she discovered that Papalexis had forged her signature to pay a £2,000 rental car bill for Karina. Later, Papalexis asked Jarry to pay the rent on Karina's house. When Papalexis was arrested and extradited to the U.K., it was just more than Jarry could take. She began drinking heavily and was found dead in her upscale Riviera Beach, Fla., apartment more than a year after Papalexis' arrest. Some people, including her ex-husband, believed she died of a broken heart, but official reports indicated that she died from alcohol poisoning.

"I blame Papalexis for the death of Marie," her ex-husband told The Daily Telegraph. "He is to blame, no doubt about that. He took her in and then left her with nothing...when she found out what he was really like and how he had ruined her life, she turned to drink....In the years I was married to her she was not a drinker, but from meeting Papalexis that changed. She was in love. She believed in all the things he told her. She thought they were going to get married....The guy was a fraud and Marie-Helene was just a poor kid who got sucked into the glitz and glamour of the life he led."

According to her ex-husband, Jarry's parents traveled from Canada to Florida and found letters in which she detailed some of the things Papalexis had done and how "he had ripped her off."

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