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Scotland Yard's Baffling Case of the Playboy Killer

Playboy scoundrel

Soon after arriving in Palm Beach, Papalexis began making friends with the rich and famous and living lavishly. He moved into a 5,700 square foot mansion in the beach community of Manalapan, north of Miami, where he threw huge parties and lived large. His office furnishings included golden thrones, and he utilized former Special Forces personnel, whose experience included the protection of politicians and other dignitaries, as personal bodyguards. In retrospect, many of those with whom he had business dealings believed that he had known that his shady deals would eventually catch up with him, and that when they did he wanted to be protected by the best and most capable bodyguards.

Thanos Papalexis
Thanos Papalexis

It was not long before he ventured south to Miami Beach where he rented Casa Casuarina, the £2 million home that had been previously owned by murdered designer Gianni Versace. There, too, he threw lavish parties which socialites such as Paris Hilton and designers, including Valentino Garavani, attended, according to the London Evening Standard. On one occasion he even hosted a fundraiser there for Hillary Clinton which was attended by her husband and former president Bill Clinton, according to The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.

He was frequently seen driving around Palm Beach in either a Bentley convertible or a Lamborghini, and although he was married he engaged regularly in orgies and pornography. The college drop-out set up a number of questionable businesses as he attracted and surrounded himself with some of the wealthiest people in America. Although he eventually became known as an ambitious entrepreneur, Papalexis betrayed no awareness that Scotland Yard considered him as a prime suspect in the murder of Christodoulides. It seemed Papalexis believed that he had escaped scrutiny in the investigation. The always impeccably dressed charmer continued to impress a lot of people, many of whom considered him a Gatsby-like genius.

"He could sell sunglasses to a blind man," one of his former associates said. "The man is a genius when it comes to vocal skills."

Scotland Yard detectives, though, continued to quietly build their case against him. During the course of the investigation it was discovered that Papalexis had paid thousands of pounds to engage in the aforementioned orgies with prostitutes, and had paid for four of his "girlfriends" to have breast implants.

As he continued to pursue his interests in property development, Papalexis kept fit and reportedly remained health-conscious. He continued to make new friends, including Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, The Daily Telegraph and the Palm Beach Post reported.

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