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Scotland Yard's Baffling Case of the Playboy Killer

A damning confession

Rebecca DeFalco
Rebecca DeFalco

Upon learning of Papalexis' arrest, former hardcore porn star and high-end prostitute Rebecca DeFalco, 41, who had been one of Papalexis' "girlfriends," contacted Hyatt about a confession she claimed that Papalexis had made in her presence. She explained to Hyatt, and later in court in London's Old Bailey, that she had met Papalexis after he responded to an Internet advertisement for an escort in April 2004, and ended up paying her up to £1,500 (nearly $2,500 at that time) for sex. He boasted that he worked as a spy for the British and U.S. governments, and characterized himself as a "James Bond" type who carried out assignments for MI6, the CIA, and the NSA. He also belonged to an online sadomasochistic group which, she said, helped him with his "insatiable" appetite for sex. She said that Papalexis paid her to engage in sexual encounters with other men while he watched and filmed them. Papalexis wooed her with champagne, roses, and money, and DeFalco said that their relationship had lasted three months and had become "turbo-charged" when it became obvious that she had fallen "under his spell." She said that she ended up breaking "all the rules" for Papalexis before their relationship ended.

On one occasion, while they were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach, DeFalco and Papalexis got into a heated argument. At one point she asked him if he had ever killed anyone, and he reportedly told her, "Yes, I strangled someone. This man was giving me problems." DeFalco claimed that he had admitted to murdering a "nobody" because he "got in the way."

"I was fooled," DeFalco said. "I was mesmerized, and I was charmed. Every part of me and all of my senses were completely involved. I fell hard. I was taken for a ride...completely smitten."

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