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The Murder Of Robert Wone

Dylan Ward

The third member of the trio didn't have a resume quite as impressive as that of his partners. The son of prominent Army cardiologist Needham Ward and Diana Ward, Dylan Ward, the oldest of five children, was born in 1970. Ward's father's job moved the family from the Pacific Northwest to Germany, and Ward traveled even more in his adult life.

Dylan Ward
Dylan Ward
After graduating from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service in 1992, Ward moved to Japan to teach English. Impressed by a family of restaurateurs he met there, he then studied at the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, N.Y. Rather than taking a restaurant job, though, he moved to Taiwan to again teach English. He also helped a friend launch a line of children's books, which inspired him to pursue a degree in children's literature at Boston's Simmons College.

When he finished that degree, he moved into an apartment a friend was vacating in the basement of Joe Price and Victor Zaborsky's townhouse.

Price helped the perpetual student get a job in fundraising at Equity Virginia. Ward eventually became Development Director, then got a job at another fundraising group, AB Data. Still unable to settle down, he then trained as a massage therapist.

The trio hosted Robert Wone's 30th birthday party at the townhouse. When Price made partner at Arent Fox, they upgraded to a new townhouse, this one a historical landmark. Ward moved into the main residence, and they rented the new place's basement apartment to someone else. By then, Ward and Price had started a sexual relationship, though Price was still with Zaborsky. The lesbian couple's children knew him as "Uncle Dylan." Ward, Price and Zaborsky considered themselves a family.

Police would later discover that one member of this family owned a gallery of sadomasochistic toys: Ward's room stored everything from restraints and hoods to an electrical shock device. Price had an account on, where he called himself "Culuket" and posted as a submissive looking for a third partner to meet him and his "dom," Ward.

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