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Murder on the Rue Dauphine

Laying Low

If it was Robert Chidester's intention to maintain a low profile in Cincinnati, he didn't do a very good job of it. One problem may have been that he took his double-edged knife with him.

Sometime during his stay in Cincinnati, Chidester wandered across the Ohio River into his home state of Kentucky and stabbed someone.

In May, police arrested him for that stabbing. However, a month later, they had to release him. Officially, the reason was "insufficient evidence," but it could have been a lack of cooperation from the victim. If Chidester had been plying his trade as a street hustler in the greater Cincinnati area, as he had been in New Orleans, the victim, especially if he was married or otherwise seen as "straight," may not have wanted to testify in open court about how he and Chidester met or what they had argued about that led to the stabbing.

Wounds heal and a stolen wallet is a lot easier to replace than a lost reputation.

Shortly after his release from jail in Kentucky, Chidesterrather foolishly it would turn outreturned to New Orleans.

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