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The Brutal Murder of Genore Guillory

The Devil In His Face

McKey and a team of detectives and state troopers served search and arrest warrants at the Skippers' trailer on August 8, 2001, more than a year after Genore's murder.

They found several knives, two baseball bats, a few rounds of .22-caliber ammunition, and some spent shell casings.

McKey arrested Phillip Skipper for the first-degree murder of Genore Guillory.

A few days later, McKey tracked Baillio down in Tangipahoa Parish.  He'd gone to stay at a friend's trailer when things got too hot at the Skippers' place.

Baillio was standing outside in the yard when the cops came for him.  He ran into the woods but came out 30 minutes later after the Tangipahoa deputies brought out dogs.

Johnny Hoyt
Johnny Hoyt

Johnny Hoyt was even easier to find.  He was serving time at the federal prison in Oakdale, La.  Three months after Genore's murder, sheriff's detectives in neighboring St. Helena Parish caught Hoyt with three sawed-off shotguns.

Hoyt was a piece of work.  Just 22 years old at the time of Genore Guillory's murder, he already had a string of arrests for aggravated battery and assault.  Hoyt wore his hair close-cropped, shaved almost to the scalp.  A ragged goatee tapered to a point two inches below his chin.

He was also the founder of a fledgling skinhead gang called "The Brotherhood."  Phillip Skipper and John Baillio were two of the gang's original members.  All three had the letters "G.F.B.D." tattooed across their backs.  The letters stood for "God Forgives, the Brotherhood Doesn't."

It was a warning to those who might cross Johnny Hoyt and his friends.  It was the same warning Donny Fisher got after he found out the three of them had killed Genore Guillory.

Almost everyone who knew Johnny Hoyt was scared of him.  Detective McKey thinks he knows why.  "Tell me he doesn't look like the devil," McKey said as he pointed to a booking photo of Hoyt.  "You can see the devil in his face."

John Baillio was scared of Hoyt and of Phillip Skipper, but after a weekend in jail, he decided to do something about it.  He decided to talk.

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