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The Brutal Murder of Genore Guillory

God Forgives, the Brotherhood Doesn't

A year dragged by.   

Don McKey picked up new cases.  A local drug dealer was ambushed and shot dead at a bar.  Another man was murdered in his home.  A 2-year old boy disappeared.  A thug named "One-Eyed Boo" was  kidnapped and killed.

Still, the Guillory case tugged at McKey.  Images of Genore were burned into his brain.  He couldn't forget her or what had been done to her.

In his spare time, McKey poked around in Genore's past, looking for skeletons.  Skeletons lead to motives. Motives lead to suspects.

He got nowhere.

"I couldn't find one bad thing about this woman," McKey said.

The break he needed, the break he'd been waiting for, came late on a Friday afternoon, July 27, 2001.  It came from two parishes over.

Tangipahoa Sheriff badge
Tangipahoa Sheriff badge

A detective from the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office called.  Was McKey investigating a year-old homicide involving a female victim who had been shot, stabbed, and beaten?

McKey, East Feliciana Sheriff Talmadge Bunch, and Detective Joel Odom jumped in a car and raced to Tangipahoa Parish.

Sheriff Talmadge Bunch
Sheriff Talmadge Bunch

What the Tangipahoa cops had was a 23-year-old girl whose boyfriend was abusive.  While she was filing a complaint against him for the beating he'd given her, she mentioned to the Tangipahoa deputies that he had information about the murder of a lady in Clinton, a lady everyone called "Ms. G."

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