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The Brutal Murder of Genore Guillory

Police Officer Suspected

Genore Guillory had a stalker.

East Feliciana detectives learned that a newly hired 45-year-old Baton Rouge police officer had been calling Genore at work, sometimes two or three times a day.

Baton Rouge Police Department patch
Baton Rouge Police Depart-
ment patch

Genore had gone on a lunch date with the officer once but had broken off contact with him almost immediately afterward.  According to one of her co-workers, Genore said the officer wouldn't keep his hands off her during lunch.

The officer's repeated phone calls got so annoying that Genore asked her friends at work to tell her would-be Romeo that she wasn't in.

After it became clear that Genore wasn't going to answer his calls, the officer showed up at her house.  She was polite but firm: She wasn't interested.

But he wouldn't take "no" for an answer. 

One evening, Genore's unwanted suitor sneaked up on her while she was feeding her horses.  His unexpected appearance frightened her.

He also frequently lurked in the parking lot outside Genore's office, waiting for her to come out.

The Friday before Genore's murder, the officer left her a message that he was going to stop by her house Saturday on his way to visit his mother in nearby St. Francisville.

Two weeks later, Detective McKey asked the Baton Rouge police officer to take a polygraph test.

He flunked.

When McKey tried to question the officer further, the policeman asked for an attorney.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's badge
East Baton Rouge Sheriff's

Because his suspect lived in Baton Rouge, Don McKey sought help from the Baton Rouge Police Department and the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office.  Both agencies agreed to cooperate. 

McKey and a team of investigators searched the officer's house and combed through his two personal cars and his police cruiser.  They were looking for a .22-caliber pistol, knives, a shoe to match the bloody footprint found at the crime scene, and trace evidence—blood, hair, or fibers—linking the officer to Genore's murder.

They found nothing.

On July 20, 2000, the Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate ran a story under the headline "Police officer suspected in slaying."

Back in Clinton, Detective Don McKey ran out of leads.  "The case went cold," he said.

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