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The Brutal Murder of Genore Guillory

Initiation into the Brotherhood

"It was supposed to be my initiation into 'The Brotherhood,'" Baillio said.

Lisa Skipper Hoyt
Lisa Skipper Hoyt

Lisa knocked on the side door of Genore's house.  Phillip, Johnny Hoyt, and John Baillio crouched in the darkness, just out of sight.

Genore opened the door.  She wore a long blue nightshirt.  Cleo, her black-and-tan chow, stood at her side.  The dog could be vicious.  Genore counted on it for protection.

Lisa asked to borrow some money so she could buy diapers for her baby.  Genore stared at her neighbor for a second. 

"Okay," Genore said, but before she could turn to go back into the house for the money, Johnny Hoyt sprang up and slammed his fist into her face. 

The dog leapt at Hoyt but before the chow got its teeth into him, Baillio grabbed the thick mane around the dog's head with one hand and slipped a loop of rope around its neck with the other. 

Genore fled into the house.  She tried to escape through the front door, but it was locked.  As she struggled with a set of keys that hung from the deadbolt, Hoyt hit her again.

She ran into the kitchen, leaving her blood smeared across the front door handle and the keys.

On the kitchen wall hung an old-fashioned wooden phone.  Genore lunged for the handset but Hoyt knocked it away from her.

She ripped open a kitchen utensil drawer.  Her fingers found a knife but couldn't hold on to it as Hoyt continued to beat her.

Reeling from the relentless attack, Genore staggered into her bedroom.  Her last sanctuary. 

Hoyt, Phillip, Lisa, and Baillio—who dragged the dog by the neck—pursued her.

In the bedroom Genore snatched the telephone from the nightstand.  Someone—Baillio said Lisa got the gun from Hoyt—started shooting.  The phone was in Genore's left hand, up near her head.  One bullet blew completely through the ring finger of her left hand.  Another buried itself just below her wrist.  A third struck her left arm.

Lisa lunged at her with a knife.  Five times she plunged the blade into the left side of Genore's body, into her chest and stomach.  The knife bit hard, leaving wounds six to seven inches deep.  One penetrated the base of her left lung.

Still Genore wouldn't fall.  She must have known, even in her terror, that to go down meant to die.

So they crushed her face with a ceramic lamp and beat her to death with the baseball bat.

Aluminum bat made by MacGregor
Aluminum bat made by MacGregor

"She fought all the way to the end," Baillio said.  "I can still hear that woman screaming."

Then they raped her.

There are conflicting stories about the rape.

Baillio said he just held the dog while Phillip and Johnny Hoyt took turns raping Genore.  He said they wore condoms.  Lisa cackled while her husband and her brother raped her dead neighbor. 

Phillip Skipper once bragged to a friend that he paid a black man to ejaculate into a cup and that he injected the semen into Genore to "throw the cops off."

On their way out, the four murderers grabbed what jewelry they could and left the chow tied to the steps by the side door.  Then they went back to the Skippers' trailer to get drunk and get high.

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