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Martin Frankel: Sex, Greed and $200 Million Fraud


At this time there is only one book on Martin Frankel by J.A. Jonhson Jr. It is entitled Thief: The Bizarre Story of Fugitive Financier Martin Frankel. It is a very detailed and fascinating book to read. Johnson is a reporter for the Greenwich Time and was very close to the activities that happened at the Frankel compound on Lake Avenue.

The rest of my research into Martin Frankel was performed  using the online archives of Courtroom Television Network (, The Wall St. Journal, Germany's National Post, The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, Time Magazine, The Canadian Press, Times/Free Press - Tennessee, Dow Jones Business News, News International, Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Times of London, Barron's, The Daily Oklahoman,  Business Week, Forbes, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Globe and Mail.

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