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"Maternal Instinct"

"Operation Dean"

Christopher Moseley, Lisa's devoted husband and loyal servant, now stepped forward. Moseley, who fancied himself a master of intrigue and covert operations, came up with a plan he dubbed "Operation Dean." The four-step scheme was designed to shed the family of both wife Linda and girlfriend Pati.

Step one was for Moseley to go to Las Vegas and establish a "command post" at the Las Vegas Hilton. Step two was to send Dean to Las Vegas to get a job and establish Nevada residency without Pati. Step three was to hire a lawyer. Step four was to file for divorce from Linda.

The plan started to fall apart right from the start. Dean didn't look for a job. Instead he took the cash Moseley gave him commenced blowing it on gambling and drugs. During week two of Operation Dean, the man whose problems the plan was supposed to fix bought Pati a ticket to Vegas. The two resumed their drug-fueled, south Philly lifestyle; transplanted to Sin City with a pile of mummy's money.

As Moseley's operation went south, he sank into a bottle.

"The whole time he was here I think he was drunk," said Las Vegas homicide Detective David Mesinar. "The one time I met him he was in a room at the Hilton laying in the bed naked, drunk."

Frustrated, Moseley offered Pati cash if she would just disappear and not see Dean again. Pati refused. Moseley then threatened to "take her out" if she did not leave the family alone. As with most people who knew Christopher Moseley, Pati didn't take him seriously; she stayed with Dean.

Moseley was desperate. He needed help. Soon he would find a willing accomplice.

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