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"Maternal Instinct"

Growing up du Pont

Raised in the Brandywine Valley's Chateau Country, Peter and Dean MacGuigan seemed determined to prove the stereotype that the children of the idle rich are spoiled brats.

By his teen years, Dean was smoking pot and dropping acid. By the time he got to college, he had moved on to cocaine. In 1979 he was arrested for possession with intent to distribute drugs. His mother pulled enough strings to get the charges dropped. Meanwhile, Peter was living off a trust fund and shooting up heroin.

"It's pretty common for the children of the wealthy to be screw ups," said Richard Conniff, author of the book The Natural History of the Rich.

In 1985, Lisa's second husband, Dr. John MacGuigan, died of a heart attack. She did not attend the funeral.

Soon after her husband's death, Lisa Dean MacGuigan decided she needed help running her sprawling estate, so she put a classified ad for a gardener in a Wilmington newspaper. Christopher Moseley answered the ad, showing up at Serendip driving a camouflaged-colored Volkswagen Beetle. Moseley, a 25-year Army veteran who had retired as a first sergeant and who had served tours in Korea and Vietnam, got the job.

Shortly after he started work as the estate's gardener, Moseley began wooing his new boss, trying to charm her with tales of his derring-do, of secret missions and narrow escapes. They weren't true, but they sounded good. Whether the du Pont heiress believed them will likely never be known, but what is known is that not too long after his arrival at Serendip, Moseley moved from the gardener's shed to the master's bed.

Soon, Lisa took her third husband and became Lisa Dean Moseley.

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