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The Mansion Murders of Byrd and Melanie Billings

The Eighth Suspect: The Woman

Pamela Long Wiggins
Pamela Long Wiggins
Later in the investigation, another suspect turned up. Pamela Long Wiggins was arrested while she was aboard her yacht, "The Classy Lady," in an Orange Beach, Ala., marina. It turned out she had buried a microwave-sized safe under a pile of bricks behind her home. She was charged as an accessory to the murder, after the fact. She is also being charged with bigamyas she seems to have husbands in Florida and Alabamaand food stamp fraud.

Police had been led to her via an interview with someone named Lonnie Smith who had met Wiggins' husband through Gonzalez Jr.

Wiggins' connection to the crime was more than tenuous. Gonzalez Jr. and his wife rented an apartment from Wiggins. It turned out that the red van used in the getaway was hers as well. So were the probable murder weapons. The 9 mm handgun that police believed was used to shoot Byrd and Melanie Billings was found stuffed in Wiggins' 1971 Buick Gran Sport convertible, which was at a repair shop when police found it. Wiggins' husband had also dropped the other guns off at the house of a friend by the name of Ed Dinson in Moss Point, Miss. A search of Ed Dinson's house revealed shotguns, rifles of various calibers, ammunition and magazines.

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