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Sex in the Suburbs: The Death of Ashley Burg

Something Different

Schrandt told Downey he'd reach out to another escort, a girl Downey had hired before, Christine "Madison" Shute, 22.  Kim Victorine went to Shute's home to see if she'd take the job, but Shute was asleep.  She was exhausted, having been up late the night before partying at a wedding reception.  Schrandt, 25, had access to coke that he could sell to Downey, but they needed a girl to complete Downey's party package. 

Victorine then paid a visit on David Tanczak and through him met Ashley Burg who was apparently high on Xanax at the time.  Together Victorine and Tanczak were able to convince Ashley that she could take the job.  By all accounts Ashley had never worked as an escort before.  At 11:40 p.m., Victorine called Downey and told him that she had what he wanted and was on her way to his house.

At around 1:30 a.m., Kim Victorine, her boyfriend Derrick Schrandt, and Ashley Burg arrived at Downey's home.  Downey agreed to pay $600 for Ashley's services.  He also bought 2 "eight-balls" of cocaine from Schrandt, about seven grams worth.  Victorine and Schrandt then departed, leaving Ashley alone with Downey.


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