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Sex in the Suburbs: The Death of Ashley Burg

Caught Again

Mongomery County District Attorney's Office State seal
Mongomery County District
Attorney's Office State seal

A Montgomery County judge set bail at $250,000 at this hearing. Downey's attorney petitioned for a bail reduction, but that request was denied, even after a seemingly contrite Downey admitted that he had never been a Navy SEAL or a CIA operative.

Two weeks later, Downey was released after posting bond with a bail-bond agency.

But within a week of his release, Downey was caught once again with an escort, this time at the Crown Plaza Hotel in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. According to court papers, he allegedly paid a woman $200 for oral sex. "Downey ... allegedly asked her if she had anything to 'party' with, apparently a reference to drugs," the Philadelphia Daily News reported. In light of this incident, Montgomery County prosecutors sought to have his bail revoked.

David F. Downey
David F. Downey

On January 18, 2006, Judge Richard Hodgson revoked Downey's bail and sent him back to jail. If Downey is eventually found guilty, he could be sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison, with a minimum sentence of no less than five years.

On February 3, Montgomery County prosecutors filed separate charges against Kim Victorine, Derrick Schrandt, Christine Shute, and Michael Tees in connection with Ashley Burg's death.

Ashley Burg
Ashley Burg

Kim Victorine was charged with prostitution. In a search of Downey's home, police had discovered five cancelled checks made out to Victorine totaling $3,700. As reported in the Inquirer, a police spokesman said that "on 15 occasions, Downey paid Victorine to dance, talk or perform oral sex on him."

Derrick Schrandt was charged with delivering the drugs that caused Ashley's death, which is the "equivalent of third-degree murder," as well as various other drug offenses and intimidation of a witness.

Christine Shute and Michael Tees were charged with conspiracy and abuse of a corpse.

David Tanczak, Ashley's former boyfriend, who along with Kim Victorine had convinced Ashley to go to Downey's home, was not charged with a crime.

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