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Vicki Morgan

XXX Times a Week

Bloomingdale, at age 53, found the lust of his life in young Vicki Morgan.

They scheduled S&M romps at the Sunset Plaza house at least three times a week, but even that wasn't enough.

One problem: She lived with her husband. So Bloomingdale made a move of remarkable hubris, phoning Earle Lamm to offer to buy Vicki away from him.

Lamm visited a lawyer to discuss an alienation of affection lawsuit. But in the end he acquiesced to Bloomingdale. If there was an exchange of money, it was never made public.

Bloomingdale first placed Vicki in a luxury apartment in West Hollywood and later in a mini-mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Vicki Morgan
Vicki Morgan

For a time after Lamm was banished, Alfred and Vicki continued their S&M sessions with Mistress Kay on Sunset Plaza.

But Vicki informed Alfred that she did not find Mistress Kay sexually appealing. So Alfred turned over his little black book of hookers, and Vicki took control of their sexual planning, weeding out those she didn't like.

She said Bloomingdale paid as much as $2,500 each to prostitutes for S&M sessions. She later told a biographer that she hired 15 hookers for his 54th birthday, on April 15, 1970.

Vicki apparently was not as enthusiastic as Alfred about S&M. Together and separately, they took therapy with Dr. J. Victor Monke, L.A.'s analyst to the stars.

He diagnosed the millionaire with "Marquis de Sade Syndrome," and she later said she worked diligently to break him of his sexual kinks — the 15-hooker birthday present notwithstanding.