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Vicki Morgan

Kinky Sex

Bloomingdale was known as a blunt, aggressive businessman, and he wasted no time telling Vicki what was expected of her.

Alfred arrived with a hooker named Samantha at their second Old World lunch. After they finished alfalfa-sprout salads, the threesome drove to a modest house on Sunset Plaza Drive.

En route, Samantha prepared Vicki with a girl-to-girl talk about Bloomingdale's "special needs" in the bedroom. He got off watching lesbian S&M sex, and he often joined in with whips and belts.

"He won't hurt you much," she said.

Vicki shrugged. She was sexually shock-proof after a few months with Earle Lamm.

Bloomingdale, Vicki and Samantha were greeted at the house by Mistress Kay, a rather brawny woman in black leather who lived there as a dominatrix-in-waiting.

In no time, Vicki was naked and trussed.

Throughout a long afternoon, the women exchanged roles — sadist, masochist, innocent victim, dominating oppressor — under the direction of Master Alfred's kinky baton.

Years later, Vicki would recall Alfred's stone-cold pillow talk after the session ended: "C'mon, let's go take a shower."

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