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Vicki Morgan

First Husband

Earle Lamm proved to be a sexual handful for his teen bride.

He was a swinger, and he enticed Vicki into joining him.

He had the Humbert Humbert problem — a lust for lithe little Lolitas. Vicki was tall but rather flat-chested, which appealed to him.

He dressed her up like a schoolgirl and took her out for sexual romps that included group gropes and lesbian threesomes.  

Vicki went along to get along.

When she was a good bad girl, Lamm treated her sweetly and lavished her with gifts. She said he made her feel special, for the first time in her life.

But when she protested one of his sexual schemes, he could turn abusive.

Lamm was not crazy about Vicki's son, who interfered with his Lolita fantasy. The boy spent most of his time at his grandmother's, and this became a wedge in their relationship.

Vicki began going solo to nightclubs. One night he stalked her and caught her leaving a club with a young man. He beat her on the street while her new friend ran off.

The relationship became part of a pattern in her life.

The two biographies of Morgan refer to her various marriages as having been good "in the beginning."

The phrase referred not to years, but to months — or even weeks.

Vicki Morgan was the sort of person who lived her life in fast-forward. Intimate relationships came and went quickly.

Except for one.

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