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Vicki Morgan

The Murder

Vicki and Marvin were being evicted for nonpayment of rent from the Studio City condo. She left it up to him to find a new place for them to live, then rejected each of his suggestions with a dismissive wave of her hand.

As eviction day approached, Vicki could not be bothered with packing. Pancoast did that, too.

Even when her mother, Connie Laney, showed up with a friend to help on the evening before eviction day, Vicki lay in bed, refusing to lift a finger while Pancoast and the women worked.

Late that night, after her mother left, Vicki ranted at Marvin for failing to find them a place to live.

Pancoast was exhausted and overwhelmed.

After Vicki went back to bed, he found himself rifling through boxes piled in the garage until he came upon a wooden baseball bat.

Sometime after midnight on July 7, 1983, Pancoast pushed open the door to Vicki Morgan's bedroom and beat her to death with the bat.

Vicki Morgan's impossibly complicated life ended one month and two days before her 31st birthday.

After the murder, Pancoast went for a walk, turning up at the North Hollywood police station at 3:20 a.m.

He approached the desk officer, Keith Wong, and said, "I just killed someone."

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