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Vicki Morgan

Princess & Pancoast

After yet another reconciliation with Alfred, Vicki Morgan made a temporary detour to what may have been her most peculiar romance.

She had become acquainted with a Saudi princess through her "maid-for-life," Fatima, who also worked at the princess' Beverly Hills mansion.

Princess Jawaher bint Saud, known as J, was the gay daughter of King Faisal, the Saudi monarch who was assassinated in 1975.

Vicki told biographers that J seemed to feel an immediate attraction to her the first time they met — like Bloomingdale and so many others.

They carried on an affair that culminated with a cruise to Hawaii aboard a luxury yacht. Vicki described the trip as a sex-and-drugs bacchanal.

The partying got so out of hand that the prudish captain of the leased ship ended the cruise prematurely.

Vicki was a wreck when she returned home, and friends convinced her to take a timeout after a decade of decadence.

In October 1979, she checked into the Thalians Community Mental Health Center at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills. She was diagnosed with drug dependency and depression.

At Thalians she was befriended by another patient, a gay, 29-year-old native Californian. He suffered from various mental pathologies, including schizophrenia. He had attempted suicide at least twice, and he had developed a dangerous habit of having anonymous sex in washrooms or wherever.

A college dropout, the man had spent ten years doing menial work in public relations and talent agencies.

He had delusions of grandeur. While working at the William Morris Agency, he stole the home phone numbers of scores of celebrity clients and created a fantasy world in which famous people were his close friends.

Doctors at Thalians judged that the man was good for Vickie Morgan, and vice versa. They cheered one another up. They became new best friends.

But the doctors were wrong.

The man's name was Marvin Pancoast. A couple of years later, he would murder his new best friend.

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