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Vicki Morgan

Swingin' '70s

Bernie Cornfield
Bernie Cornfield

Vicki spent the 1970s in bed — with Alfred, when he managed to sneak away from Betsy, and with sundry others when he did not.

Her life changed when the monthly checks from Bloomingdale ceased. She was forced to move to more austere accommodations, and she took a series of roommates, many of them gay men, to help pay expenses.

She got breast implants, believing this would make her more marketable as a model in the event that she had to earn a living.

She also began to consume increased amounts of drugs, including cocaine, Valium and Quaaludes.


In 1974, she spent time at Grayhall, the Beverly Hills mansion of Bernie Cornfield, the rich businessman and enthusiastic hedonist. Grayhall was said to rival Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion for unrestrained pleasures of the flesh.

In 1975, she surprised her friends by marrying a handsome young actor, John David Carson — her first serious relationship with someone of her own age.

The following year, Vicki was summoned to Morocco for a mysterious offer of a modeling job. She later said it was a ruse to get her into bed with the Moroccan ruler, King Hassan II.

It was a classic Vicki Morgan story — like the happenstance meeting with Alfred Bloomingdale and the $8,000 check.

King Hassan II
King Hassan II

No one could explain how and why she had caught the eye of Hassan. But she said she traveled to Morocco twice on sexual assignment and was rewarded with $25,000 and the services of a "maid for life."

The maid, named Fatima, showed up at the Vicki's door just as John David Carson was walking out.

At about the same time, Vicki claimed she spent nine months as Cary Grant's lover. It was another Vicki classic: She couldn't prove it happened, but no one could prove it didn't.

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