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The Murder of Radio Legend Steven B. Williams

Locating Morrow


Harvey Stephen Morrow
Harvey Stephen Morrow
Unknown to Clark, Morrow had in fact headed up to Great Falls, Mont. His second wife had moved to Tennessee.

The one-time financial whiz decided to get a job as a used-car salesman at Pete Auto Sales under his real name. A day after charges were filed in Los Angeles, Morrow told sales manager Joe Parsetich a lengthy story about how he had ended up in Montana.

He claimed to be on a business trip when his wife and another couple died during a boating accident. Feeling that Morrow was in pain over the incident and not wanting to discuss it further, Parsetich was nonetheless still curious about the facts and Googled Morrow's name to find out more.

To his shock, Parsetich found that Morrow was a suspect in Williams' death. He notified local law enforcement, who got in touch with Clark. Morrow was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service and the Cascade County Sheriff's Department.

A search of his Land Rover parked at the dealership turned up a .45 revolver, two cell phones and a Texas license plate registered to Morrow. Detectives had earlier searched a Los Angeles storage locker rented by Morrow and found a cache of weapons. None of the guns were believed to be the murder weapon. That gun was likely tossed overboard after Williams was killed, Clark said.

Morrow fought extradition to California, but lost. He was brought back to Los Angeles and jailed without bail.

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