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The Murder of Radio Legend Steven B. Williams

Having Second Thoughts


Williams was anxious to start the trip, but Morrow kept pushing back the date. This was a source of irritation, and Williams told Rossi as much.

"He was a little frustrated that the boat wasn't leaving and when I asked him, I said, 'So what's your plans for this weekend,' because I was going to head overseas on a trip," Rossi said in court later. "He said he was going to go to Catalina and one of his frustrations, he said the sails weren't done. That's why the trip was delayed. He said we're just going to motor around Catalina."

That was the last time Rossi saw Williams alive.

Friend Sylvia Nolan, who had bi-weekly lunches with Williams, recalled her friend in dire financial straits, unable to even buy groceries.

"He expressed to me at the end he didn't have any money, he had no money left," Nolan told the court regarding an April 21, 2006, lunch. "I was going to loan him money. He said, 'No, I'll be OK. I'm going to meet up with Harvey and he's going to help me get my money back.'

"I said, 'How could you not have any money? You're like a multimillionaire now,' and he says, 'Oh, Harvey's got my money tied up in these offshore accounts.'"

Nolan told Williams that he should be able to retrieve some of the money. She recalled him responding, "Well, I'm going to sit down with Harvey when he comes back and we're going to talk it out. We're going to go and maybe fly to whatever country he has my money, and he'll get my money for me."

He said he didn't know in which country the money was located but promised to pay for Nolan's lunch the next time they met. That was the last she saw him.

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