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The Murder of Radio Legend Steven B. Williams

A Person of Interest


Armed with all of this information, Clark had a good start on where to build a case. Morrow immediately became a person of interest.

Police search Morrow's boat
Police search Morrow's boat
He obtained a warrant on May 25, 2006, to search and seize Morrow's boat, which was docked in a Los Angeles harbor. A team of Sheriff's deputies and scuba divers descended on the marina.

Gregory Labono, Morrow's steel fabricator, was notified of the search by a friend at the marina. He then called Morrow, who didn't know what was going on, Labono later testified.

"Harvey wasn't too concerned, so I wasn't too concerned," he testified. That was the last time he ever talked to Morrow.

But the lack of concern was just a front, as Morrow soon showed up at the marina to watch the spectacle.

Both the dock master and marina office manger later told detectives that they saw Morrow around 10 a.m. He didn't inquire in the office about what was happening but rather turned and walked away, never to be seen again.

Detectives learned later that Morrow actually spoke to one of the scuba divers who were about to look underwater for a gun. At that time, authorities couldn't find a photo of Morrow and didn't know what he looked like. They had no idea the man on the dock was Morrow.

Four boxes filled with evidence were seized. This included an operating manual for a portable GPS system which was not on board and a guide detailing how to quickly start the boat. The GPS that was installed inside the cabin had not been used. They also found a yacht ledger that would have been filled with port data about the impending trip if Morrow had indeed planned to take one.

"He never was going on that trip, it was all a ruse," Clark said.

The boat was towed to another marina for safekeeping, and Morrow never called to inquire about it.

Labono gave a statement to detectives, saying he was with Morrow when he bought the portable GPS device for about $600. Coincidentally, he was on the yacht with Morrow the night before it was searched. Labono had been working late, and Morrow invited him out to dinner at a Hilton hotel where they ordered pizza, hamburger, and beer.

The pair got back to the yacht late, and Morrow suggested that Labono spend the night in Williams' cabin. Labono had met Williams several times while working on the boat and knew which cabin was the disc jockey's.

"He was adamant about me sleeping in Steve's room, and I didn't want to," Labono later testified. "It was his private room, his private bed."

But when Labono entered the cabin, he found it to be "completely sterile. It wasn't one loose object in it. It was just completely — nothing," he testified. "I asked him, 'Where is Steve at?' And he told me that he had moved to Hawaii. He wasn't going to go on the sailing trip with him."

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