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Spade Cooley



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News Articles

"Bandleader Held in Death; 'Hillbilly's' Wife Dead," The Oklahoman, April 5, 1961.

"Cooley Death a Homicide, Jury Declares," The Oklahoman, April 14, 1961.

"Bandleader Visits Scene of Slaying," The Oklahoman, July 7, 1961.

"Spade Cooley Death Trial to Open," The Oklahoman, July 10, 1961.

"Child Jolts Defendant," The Oklahoman, July 19, 1961.

"Cooley Trial Witness Tells of Recording," The Oklahoman, July 27, 1961.

"Spade Cooley Leaves Court for Hospital," The Oklahoman, July 28, 1961.

"State Demands Guilty Verdict in Cooley Trial," The Oklahoman, Aug. 15, 1961.

"Guilty, Jury Says to Space Cooley," The Oklahoman, Aug. 20, 1961.

"Spade Cooley Gets Life Term," The Oklahoman, Aug. 23, 1961.

"He Makes Violins," The Oklahoman, March 19, 1965.

"Spade Cooley: From KTLA to KTTV to the Prison at Vacaville," by Roger M. Grace, Metropolitan News-Enterprise, Feb. 27, 2003.

"Fallen Musicians Have Long Fascinated Dennis Quaid,", Jan. 16, 2005.

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