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Tupac Shakur in 1993. He rose in fame and status to become one of the most well-known rappers of the day, but became even more famous after his murder.

Notorious B.I.G. as he accepted a music award. B.I.G. was well known as a rapper, but after he was murdered his fame also increased, leading some to wonder if the head of his own record label might have been involved in his death.

Tupac Shakur (left) and Marion 'Suge' Knight attended a voter rally. Knight was struck by one of the bullets fired the night of the murder, giving police a possible second target of the violence.

Sean 'Puffy' Combs was the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment, and signed Notorious B.I.G to the record label.

Marion 'Suge' Knight, in court for assault charges after using a bat on a fan.

Album cover: "All Eyez on Me" by Tupac Shakur increased in sales after his murder. Was it a gang hit, or was money the reason?

Album Cover: "Life After Death" by Notorious B.I.G. Sales also saw a jump after his murder, leading police to another possible motive money.

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