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Web sites

America Online Moviefone Web site

Freedom Forum Web site, undated

Freedom Forum Web site, April 12, 2002

Freedom Forum Web site, March 13, 2001

BBC News Web site, March 13, 2001

BBC News Web site, June 7, 2002

The News Media and the Law Web site, spring 2001

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Web site, March 13, 2001

Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald online Web site, January 7, 2003

Records of Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal, June 5, 2002

Records of 21st Judicial District Court of Louisiana, Division C, as listed on Court TV Web site

Dr. John Grohol's Psych Central Web site, undated

Media Literacy Review, University of Oregon, undated

International Film magazine Web site, March 13, 2001

The Media Institute Web site, undated

The Media Coalition Web site, undated

Village Voice Web site, article by Michael Atkinson, May 5-11, 1999

The Free Radical Web site, article in Washington Times by Frank J. Murray, September 13, 2000

American Library Association Web site newsletter, August 1999

American Library Association's Freedom to Read Foundation Web site, April 2001

Georgia Perimeter College; article by John Grisham, taken from Oxford American, April 1996

Records of Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal, November 9, 2001 — National Review Web site, December 31, 1998, article by Peter Schweizer Web site, January 2, 2003 News Web site, March 13, 2001

E! Online News, March 8, 1999

Wikipedia article on Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

The Mississippi Writers Page article on John Grisham, from the University of Mississippi Web site


The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana
Issues of July 30, 1995; January 26, 1996; July 7, 1996; June 20, 1997; June 22, 1997; February 24, 1998; April 16, 1998; July 9, 1998; October 6, 1998; December 8, 1998; March 22, 1999; March 27, 1999; July 23, 1999; and March 13, 2001

Gambit Weekly online, issue of June 1, 1998; column by Clancy DuBos


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