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Michael Alig: The Life and Death of the Party

Nightmare on Club Street

"Blood Feast" flyer

What started as an Ecstasy dream became cocktail drug nightmare.

Alig and the Club Kids' descent in the darker, harder drugs perfectly mirrored what was happening in rave scene throughout the rest of America. Ecstasy use gave way to multiple drug use. Soon, Alig and his clubbers were combining Ecstasy with methamphetamine or ketamine — Special K, and even heroin and crack. By the mid-90s, Alig's drug use had gone from abstinence, to occasional recreation, to full-blown addiction. With addiction comes an obsession for an endless supply of drugs, and there's no better way to procure drugs than to be "friends" with a drug dealer.

Enter Angel Melendez, born Andre Melendez.

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