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Grim Reality: Jasmine Fiore and Ryan Jenkins


Three days later, Fiore's white Mercedes was found in a West Hollywood parking lot. A witness reported having seen the car there on August 15. According to police, the car had been washed and the interior had been wiped down, but definite signs of "a struggle between two people" remained. Blood spatter on the windshield and smears on the back seat tell of Fiore's final fight for her life. Traces indicative of hair-pulling were present, as well as mud and grass stuck to the undercarriage, which led police to conclude that the vehicle had gone off-road — possibly to some secluded spot where Jasmine's teeth and fingers were removed.

Jasmine Fiore
Jasmine Fiore

When Ryan was charged in the death of Jasmine Fiore, VH1 suspended the airing of Megan Wants a Millionaire after three episodes, completely canceling it on August 22nd, the day before Ryan's body was discovered. The third season of I Love Money, previously slated to air in January 2010, will not be shown.


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