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Grim Reality: Jasmine Fiore and Ryan Jenkins

Jasmine Moves On?

Jasmine Fiore
Jasmine Fiore

In late June, filming began for the third season of VH1's I Love Money, and Jenkins traveled to Mexico to once again be a reality-show contestant, in hopes of scoring fame and the grand prize of $250,000. Filming was set to finish in early August. In Jenkins' absence, Fiore reconnected with her ex-boyfriend Robert Hasman and began exchanging text messages with him. In July, while Jenkins was in Mexico, Fiore and Hasman took a trip together, to Los Cabos, Mexico, where they reportedly used false names — Hans and Ginger. A video shows Hasman relaxing poolside as Fiore wades around in the shallow waters in front of him. The texting between Fiore and Hasman continued after Jenkins returned, reportedly making him upset and jealous. According to the website, Fiore had texted Hasman on the night of her murder, promising to go to Las Vegas to visit him. The messages, along with reports from friends of Fiore, indicate that Fiore was getting ready to leave Jenkins for good. The last message that Hasman received from Fiore's phone was a curt "suck it," likely to have been sent by Jenkins after Fiore's death. After news of Jenkins' suicide was made public, Hasman spoke to the press alongside Lepore, stating that he was "happy that Ryan killed himself."

Robert Hasman
Robert Hasman

Possibly adding fuel to the jealous fire was Fiore's relationship with an inmate at a Southern California prison. Michael Cardosi, incarcerated on a drug-related conviction, was married to Fiore in 2004, according to a source close to Fiore. On August 11, days before her death, Fiore drove to the prison to pick up Cardosi, upon his release that day. When Cardosi was arrested for a parole violation on August 15, a search of his apartment revealed letters sent to him by Fiore during his time behind bars.

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