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The Gruesome Yacht Murder Case of Thomas and Jackie Hawks

The Cold Blue Sea

The Hawkses stood on the deck of their yacht as they had thousands of times before, the cerulean Pacific Ocean lapping around them. Now, the sea they loved so much seemed a terrifying void wickedly beckoning. The couple was dragged to the side of the ship and a rope was placed around their waists.

In a desperate last effort, Thomas suddenly threw out a kick, connecting with Skylar's groin. Kennedy punched Thomas in the face and grabbed the boat's anchor. The Hawkses were tied to it. Skylar threw the anchor overboard then stood back and grinned.

The 66-pound anchor plummeted to murky depths below, dragging the Hawkses with it. Jackie's head slammed against the gunwale with a sickening thud. They struggled violently but briefly as they entered the water, then they disappeared under the surface.

Calmly, as if they were on one of Skylar's frequent scuba diving excursions, the bandits took the yacht off automatic pilot and came about, setting course back to Newport Beach. They then ransacked the boat looking for cash and valuables; Skylar called his wife to let her know he would be home soon. Kennedy grabbed a beer from the refrigerator, located a fishing pole, baited the hook and fished all the way back to port.

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