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The Murder of Edgar Allan Poe

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Washington University Hospital of Baltimore where the ailing Edgar Allan Poe was placed under the care of Dr. John Moran, and later died. (Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore)

Edgar A. Poe, Esq., the distinguished American poet, scholar and critic.

Portrait, John Allan. Edgar was taken in by John Allan and his wife Frances. Although they never formally adopted him, they raised Edgar as their own and, when Edgar was baptized, he took on "Allan" as his middle name. (Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore)

Frances "Fanny" Allan portrait (Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore)

Portrait of Maria Clemm. In 1836, Poe married his cousin Virginia Clemm, who was barely in her teens. His aunt, Maria Clemm, became his mother-in-law. (Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore)

Recovery of Mary Roger's body. Young Mary Rogers's murder created a sensation among New York City newspapers. Poe's story, "The Mystery of Marie Roget" presented the facts of the Mary Rogers murder and, through Dupin, Poe's own solution to the crime.

Likeness of Poe's wife Virginia Clemm (Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore)

Poe's home

Poe's childhood sweetheart, Elmira Shelton (Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore)

Edgar Allan Poe

Grave of Edgar Allan Poe. It would not be until 1875 that a marker would be placed over Poe's remains, and later the remains of his wife Virginia and Maria Clemm were added to the site.

Poe's headstone

Poe statue by Moses Ezekiel

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