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Deborah Flores-Narvaez: Death of a Showgirl

The Body

After renting the U-Haul truck the next day, Colombo said, he and Griffith had used a dolly to move the tub up the loading ramp and into the truck. After attempting to store the tub at a location that Colombo did not identify, an effort they had given up after being unable to get the tub to the second floor of the building in question, they had parked the truck overnight at the Flying J Truck Stop near their house.

House on Bonanza Way where Flores-Narvaez was dismembered
House on Bonanza Way where Flores-Narvaez was

The next day, Colombo said, Griffith obtained keys to a house that belonged to friends who were on an extended trip out of the country. Colombo said that he had gone to the house, located on Bonanza Way near downtown Las Vegas, by himself and attempted to move the tub into the house. However, the tub began leaking and he called Griffith for assistance. They kept the tub in the living room of the house for a couple of days, but returned with new plastic tubs, a sledge hammer, a handsaw, and cleaning supplies purchased at a Walmart several miles away near the Fiesta Hotel Casino on North Rancho Drive.

Back at the house, they broke Flores-Narvaez's body out of the concrete using the sledge hammer. Colombo said that Griffith had sawed off both of Flores-Narvaez's legs with the handsaw, and they had placed her legs and body in plastic bags and then into two plastic tubs, which they filled with enough concrete to cover her remains. Afterward, he said, they had placed the tubs inside a closet and sealed the closet doors. Colombo said they closed the tools they used inside a closet in another room of the house, but left the first plastic tub and the broken pieces of concrete in the living room.

Diagram of what was done to Flores-Narvaez's body
Diagram of what was done to Flores-Narvaez's body

Following the interview with Colombo, detectives obtained a search warrant for the house on Bonanza Way where Colombo said that Flores-Narvaez's remains had been taken. Police arrived only minutes past midnight on January 8, 2011, and they immediately observed a broken blue plastic tub and broken chunks of concrete in the living room. The investigators observed a larger piece of concrete inside the tub, which still held the impression of a hand and a large amount of long, dark hair. The living room window was covered with a large sheet of black plastic, and the window in the southeast bedroom was covered with a blanket and sealed around the window frame with what appeared to be spray foam insulation, according to police reports. It could have been a scene right out of Dexter, but it wasn't: this was a macabre reality.

There were two bedrooms inside the house, the closets of which were also sealed off with what appeared to be spray foam insulation. The investigators found two green plastic tubs inside the closet of the southeast bedroom, stacked on top of each other, with the lids secured by locking handles. When they opened the tubs, they observed that they contained black plastic garbage bags that had been covered with concrete. It was later determined that the plastic tubs contained Flores-Narvaez's dismembered remains.

Investigators also found the tools that Colombo had described, sealed in the closet of the house's northeast bedroom.