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Deborah Flores-Narvaez: Death of a Showgirl

Casorso's Statement

Jason Griffiths
Jason Griffiths

According to Casorso's statement to police, which was included in the LVMPD report and appeared in a number of media outlets, Casorso told that Griffith had asked her if he could store some things in her apartment until he was ready to move. She said that she told Griffith that she didn't have much space, but that he could come over and determine if the items in question would fit inside a closet or perhaps be stored outside on her patio, exposed to the elements. Griffith had shown up at her apartment at 11:00 p.m. on December 15, 2010, to discuss the matter, but she hadn't realized that he had brought the item, a plastic tub, with him until he left her apartment to get it.

Still from Sex Gamez video of Flores-Narvaez and Griffith
Still from "Sex Gamez" video of Flores-Narvaez and

Casorso told investigators that she heard a creaking noise outside her apartment, looked outside and saw that the sound was coming from a U-Haul truck's back doors that were swaying side-to-side. She went outside and observed Griffith and Colombo standing on either side of a large, light-blue plastic tub that was nearly full with dark, charcoal-grey concrete. It appeared rocky on the surface, and one of the tub's sides bulged outward. She asked Griffith what the tub contained.

She explained that Griffith appeared hesitant to respond at first, then asked her if she really wanted him to tell her what was inside the tub. When she responded that she needed to know its contents before allowing him to store the tub at her apartment, he told her that the tub contained Flores-Narvaez. She recounted that she freaked out, telling Griffith and Colombo to leave and to remove the tub. She said they then left, with Colombo driving the truck and Griffith driving his black Cobalt.

Casorso said that she hadn't called the police immediately because she didn't want to believe that what she had witnessed and had been told was true, and also because she was afraid. It was later, she said, that she decided to confide in a friend who knew someone at the police department because she needed help handling the situation.

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