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Newspaper articles

The Times-Picayune — New Orleans, Louisiana

"The Master's Plan" by Keith Spera (cover story, Lagniappe magazine insert). August 15, 1997

"Local Rapper Master P Bumps the Big Guys With Latest Album" by Keith Spera. September 20, 1997

"Rising Star Exits Center Stage to 'Rap' Up Entertainment Deals" by Keith Spera. November 14, 1997

"Rapper Arrested After St. John Traffic Stop" by Jarvis deBerry. March 25, 1998

"Pop Master: New Orleans Rapper Has Top Album in the Country Again" by Keith Spera. June 20, 1998

"Rapper to Face Reduced Charges" by Rhonda Bell. August 6, 1998

"The Midas Touch" by Keith Spera. October 11, 1998

"Gold Diggers" (sidebar) by Keith Spera. October 11, 1998

"LSU Wary of Rapper's Ties With Athletes" by Josh Peter. January 19, 1999

"LSU Attorney: Master P Gets K" by Josh Peter. January 20, 1999

"No Limit Ownership Unclear" by Josh Peter. January 21, 1999

"Louisiana Seeking More Film Business" by Ed Anderson. January 22, 1999

"Rapper: 'Just Another Athlete' to Firm" by Josh Peter. February 2, 1999

"Texas' (Ricky) Williams, Master P Make it Official" by Josh Peter. February 2, 1999

"LSU Seeking to Limit Master P" by Josh Peter. February 18, 1999

"Blurred Boundaries" by Josh Peter. February 21, 1999

"Rapper's Gift Saves Troubled School" by Keith Spera and Bruce Nolan. March 19, 1999

"TRU to His Roots" by Keith Spera. June 6, 1999

"No Limit Execs Rapped in $10 Million Lawsuit" by Pamela Coyle and Michael Perlstein. June 25, 1999

"Master P's Theater" column by Chris Rose. June 29, 1999

"Master P Gets Suite Deal to Watch Saints' Williams" by Josh Peter. July 7, 1999

"Rap Twins: Feds Wanted Master P" by Michael Perlstein. July 23, 1999

"Officer Investigated Over Sale of Body Armor" by Michael Perlstein. August 20, 1999

"Rapper's Attorney Backs Off Just a Bit" compiled by Associated Press. September 1, 1999

"Rapper Joins Phone Business" by Keith Darcé. June 2, 2000

"Pushing the Limit" by Keith Spera. June 11, 2000

"No Limit Partner Has Criminal Past" by Michael Perlstein. June 11, 2000

"Rap Star Falls Into Rut" (from combined staff reports). November 4, 2000

"Teenager Dies After Nightclub Shooting" (Metro Briefs). January 13, 2002

Steve Thomas obituary. January 18, 2002

"Gangsta Rapper Booked in Teen Killing: C-Murder Jailed in Harvey Death" by Rob Nelson. January 19, 2002

"Rapper Indicted in Harvey Shooting: C-Murder Accused of Killing Teen at Club" by Joe Darby. March 1, 2002

"Judge Rules to Keep Rapper Behind Bars: Safety of Witnesses to Killing Questioned" by Joe Darby. April 30, 2002

"Rapper, Two Ex-Deputies Indicted: Cell Phone Smuggled Into Jefferson Parish Jail" by Joe Darby. July 12, 2002

"Inmate: C-Murder Lived Up to Name: Prisoner Says Rapper Admitted to Killing" by Joe Darby. July 20, 2002

  "Rap Stars Spread Christmas Cheer to Sick" by Michael Perlstein. December 26, 2002

"Rapper's Trial Getting Underway" by Joe Darby. September 9, 2003

"Prosecutor: Rapper Turns Fan Into Victim" by Joe Darby. September 18, 2003

"Guard Says Rapper Killed Teen" by Joe Darby. September 19, 2003

"Witness Says Rapper Shot Teen" by Joe Darby. September 23, 2003

"The Rap Trap" column by Chris Rose. September 23, 2003

"Officer Testifies Cover-up Tried" by Joe Darby. September 25, 2003

"Defense Begins in Rapper's Trial" by Joe Darby. September 27, 2003

"Defense Rests in Rapper's Trial" by Joe Darby. September 30, 2003

"Rapper is Found Guilty of Murder" By Joe Darby. October 1, 2003

"Rapper May Face Further Charges" by Joe Darby. October 2, 2003

"Jurors in C-Murder Trial Called Back" by Joe Darby. October 8, 2003

"Witness Said She Saw Other With Gun" by Joe Darby. December 13, 2003

"Witness in C-Murder Trial Had Record" by Joe Darby. January 16, 2004

"Detective Denies Witness Got Favors" by Joe Darby. January 22, 2004

"C-Murder Defense Wraps Up Its Case" by Joe Darby. March 3, 2004

"Star Rapper C-Murder Gets New Trial" by Joe Darby. April 7, 2004

"Rapper Has New Trial, No Bond" by Joe Darby. April 13, 2004

"C-Murder Makes CD, Video While in Gretna Jail" by Michelle Hunter and Rob Nelson. February 25, 2005

"C-Murder Found Trouble Behind Bars" by Paul Purpura. February 26, 2005

"Stars and Bars: Rapper Exposed Jail's Lapses" op-ed piece by Andrea Shaw. March 7, 2005

"C-Murder Retrial Ruling Rejected" by Dennis Persica and Paul Purpura. March 11, 2005

"C-Murder Asks Appeals Court to Rethink Ruling" by Paul Purpura. March 26, 2005

"C-Murder Going to State's Top Court" by Paul Purpura. March 30, 2005

"NAACP Joins Rapper's Legal Fight" by Paul Purpura. April 7, 2005

"Jefferson Jail to Monitor Inmate Calls" by Rob Nelson. July 16, 2005

"Rapper Asks Louisiana High Court for Another Murder Trial" by Paul Purpura. February 22, 2006

"High Court Scraps Rapper's Conviction" by Paul Purpura. March 11, 2006

"P Makes a Plea" (from wire service reports). March 14, 2006

"Jeff Judge Spells Out Rules for Released Rapper" by Paul Purpura. March 22, 2006

The Times-Picayune — New Orleans, Louisiana

"Rapper Returns to Court for Hearing" by Paul Purpura. May 25, 2006

"DA Wants C-Murder Sent Back to Jail" by Paul Purpura. June 9, 2006

"Files on House Arrest of Rapper Sealed" (West Bank Bureau). June 15, 2006

"TP Seeks to Unseal Orders in Rapper Trial" (West Bank Bureau). June 17, 2006

"Rapper Released from House Arrest" by Paul Purpura. July 14, 2006

"Indignant at Suspect's Release" Letter to the Editor by Gayle Motto. July 17, 2006

"House Arrest Baffling in Murder Case" by Andrea Shaw. July 17, 2006

"Rapper's Reprieve Mystifies Top Cop" by Paul Purpura. July 21, 2006

"Suspect's Release is Infuriating" Letter to the Editor by Henry Gilley Sr. July 24, 2006

"Maybe Judge is Rap Fan — Or Just Likes Corey" by James Gill. July 26, 2006

"Judge Defends Moves in Flap Over Rapper" by Paul Purpura. August 15, 2006

"Jeff Judge Tough on Crime? — Not This Time" by James Gill. August 16, 2006

"Judge Sassone Reimposes House Arrest for C-Murder" by Paul Purpura. August 18, 2006

"Not Your Average Murder Rap" editorial. August 19, 2006

"Judge Thwarts C-Murder Probe" by Paul Purpura. August 26, 2006

"Rapper Confined to Home Until Retrial" by Paul Purpura. August 30, 2006

"Rapper's Retrial Set for Feb. 26" by Paul Purpura. August 31, 2006

"Judge: Rapper Can Be Seen But Not Heard" by Paul Purpura. October 24, 2006

"Rapper May Leave House" by Paul Purpura. March 14, 2007


OffBeat magazine: New Orleans, LA. July 2005. Review of "The Truest S**t I Ever Said" by Robert Fontenot

Gambit Weekly: New Orleans, LA. March 2, 2004. News feature, "John Doe's Deal" by Allen Johnson, Jr.

Web sites

Music @AOL artist biographies and photos — Master P

Music@AOL artist biographies — C-Murder

AOL News article "Corey Miller Put Under House Arrest." March 21, 2006

Yahoo News article "Louisiana Supreme Court Overturns C-Murder's Conviction." March 13, 2006

Yahoo News article "Bond Set for Rap Artist on Murder Retrial." March 16, 2006

SoundGenerator News article "C-Murder Faces a Murder Re-trial." March 22, 2006

SoundGenerator News article "C-Murder Jailed for Life." October 2, 2003

SoundGenerator News article "Master P Backs His Bro'" January 29, 2002

Houston Post-Chronicle "Tittle-Tattle" entertainment column. "Cleared Rap Star Corey "C-Murder" Miller Set Free" by Mike Baron. Mar 19, 2006

Got HipHop Web site story "No Limit Gets Off Easy." March 16, 2006

Koch Entertainment Web site promoting C-Murder's latest CD, The Truest S**t I Ever Said

E-online News story "C-Murder Stops Killin' with Name" by Charlie Amter.

E-online News story "C-Murder Sprung" by Josh Grossberg. March 21, 2006

E-online News story "No Pens for C-Murder Attorney" by Josh Grossberg.

E-online News story "Dial C for (Attempted) Murder" by Josh Grossberg.

E-online News story "C-Murder's Second Chance" by Sarah Hall. April 7, 2004

E-online News "Master P Cops to Tax-Evasion Rap" by Julie Keller. February 6, 2004

E-online News story "Murder Conviction for C-Murder" by Lia Haberman. October 1, 2003

E-online News story "Stalker Cops 'Master' Plea" by Josh Grossberg. March 10, 2003

E-online News story "Master P Hoops It Up...Again" by Julie Keller. September 17, 1999,1,5264,00.html?newsrellink

E-online Facts & People. Master P movie credits

E-online Facts & People. Master P biography

E-online News "Master P Cops to Tax-Evasion Rap" by Julie Keller. February 6, 2004

No Limit Soldiers Web site with photos

Internet Movie Database listings for Master P

Internet Movie Database listings for C-Murder

Internet Movie Database listings for Vyshonn Miller ("Silkk the Shocker)

Wikipedia article on Master P

Lyrics Depot Web site containing lyrics to C-Murder songs

Lyrics Depot Web site containing lyrics to "The Truest S**t I Ever Said" by  C-Murder. March 2005 release date

All HipHop Web site feature article on article about Master P's efforts to help N.O. Post-Katrina

Article "Master P Pleads No Contest on Gun Charge." March 14, 2006

National News Data Base bio on Master P

Sports Law News article "Rap Star Losing Sports Clients." January 14, 2000

Chart Attack article "Master P: All Business" by Aaron Brophy. November 2, 2001

Mount Carmel girls' school in New Orleans. Photo of Martha Sassone.

Daily Hip-Hop News story "Master P and Silkk The Shocker Plead No Contest on Gun Rap, Avoid Jail Time"  by Jolene "foxxylady" Petipas. March 14, 2006

Lyrics to "Wobble Wobble."

Court TV online Crime Library story on the murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G by Anthony Bruno

Rap Weekly article on C-Murder's new album, September 14, 2006 Web site article on new C-Murder album, November 30, 2006 Web site article by Steve Thomas on C-Murder's new book, December 15, 2006

C-Murder's Web site promoting his new book

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