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C-Murder: Rapper Lives His Lyrics

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Silkk the Shocker
Silkk the Shocker

As C-Murder, Corey Miller made his first recorded appearance as a member of Tru, a trio that also featured Master P and Silkk. Their first album, "True," was released in 1995 and was followed by "Tru 2 da Game" in 1997. During that year, C-Murder appeared on a number of No Limit releases, including Master P's "Ghetto D" and the "I'm 'Bout It" soundtrack.

In the spring of 1998, Corey released his solo debut, "Life or Death" and "Bossalinie" followed a year later. In 2000, he reached superstar status, first with his appearance in the 504 Boyz smash hit "Wobble Wobble," then with his third and most successful album yet, "Trapped in Crime," propelled by the commercial success of its C-Murder/Snoop Dogg/Magic collaboration, "Down for My N's." This album also signaled the launch of Tru Records, C-Murder's new label, which promised to be accompanied by a clothing line and successive releases. His 2002 release, "Tru Dawgs," was a test for the label, and it was a success.

Corey's solo debut
Corey's solo debut

Taking his name from the fact that he claimed to have seen many murders, C-Murder was now a hip hop star in his own right. "He's actually one of the stronger rappers on the label. He may stick to the predictable gangsta musical blueprint, but as a rapper, he had an original style and interesting wordplay that separated him from the No Limit pack," were the words Stephen Thomas Erlewine and David Jefferies of All Music Guide used to describe him.

Like his counterparts at No Limit and other rap labels, C-Murder's lyrics spared no one. Everyone and everything was fair game — even members of his own race. In a sample of lyrics (below) from his song "Ghetto Millionaire" (from "Bossalinie"), C-Murder pushes the envelope way beyond what was conventionally acceptable in the pre-rap era.

Tru Dawgs
Tru Dawgs

I cop a Benz at the age of twenty one nigga
I f___ hoes and smoke weed for fun nigga
From the streets to the muthaf__in' record stores
And sell a million discs at Blockbuster videos
Bitches formin' lines at my concerts
Them thug niggas sell drugs off my inserts
A eight figure nigga gettin' bigger
I wear No Limit gear nigga so f___ Tommy Hilfiger
And renegotiate my court case, f___ a plea
And call Cochran there's a million on legal fees
Charge it to the game, that's what Silkk said
My name ringin' like the muthaf__in' flu spread
Give me a shot cause I'm sick wid it (sick wid it)
The tank on the back, the ghetto niggas gotta get it
I make money so f___ all them haters with the mean stares
I wanna be a ghetto millionaire

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