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C-Murder: Rapper Lives His Lyrics

New CDs and a Book

In October 2006 it was announced that Miller would have a new album coming out, a reissue of "The Truest S**t I Ever Said" with a few new tracks, along with a DVD of previously unreleased footage. On the advice of prosecutors, Sassone quickly moved to forbid Miller from making any promotional appearances for the album. She allowed pictures to be taken of him at his grandmother's residence, but there were to be no interviews with the media and no music videos. These, she said, would be violations of the conditions of his home incarceration.

Miller's attorneys argued that promotions were necessary to help Miller raise money for his defense and to support his children, but Sassone was unswayed, replying, "Capitol Records will have to find another way to advertise it."

Also around this time, it was revealed that Miller had written a novel entitled Death Around the Corner during the two years he had spent in prison. The book, published by Vibe Street Lit, was in stores on December 26, 2006. Miller set up a Web site to promote sales of the book.

On November 30, 2006 the Web site announced that C-Murder would have a new CD coming out on Priority Records in March 2007 entitled "Screamin' 4 Vengeance." He resumed using his stage name on the new release and was allowed by Judge Sassone to travel to and from the studio while recording his new tracks.

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