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"Increasingly Bizarre"

Sassone's decision to loosen the restrictions on Miller had many others baffled and angered, including several Times-Picayune columnists and writers of letters to the editor. One letter writer called it "a slap in the face" of the police and the citizenry and suggested that, "Judges who make these stupid decisions... must be removed from the bench." Another letter writer called the ruling "frightening and infuriating."

Writing in his July 26 column in the Times-Picayune, James Gill noted, "The worse Miller behaves, the more favors he gets... Either Sassone has flipped her lid, or she is subject to some malign influence. Her rulings in the case grow increasingly bizarre."

A month after her decision to release Miller from home incarceration, Sassone defended her decision publicly, implying that Miller's violations of the program's regulations had not been serious. However, within a few days, she was forced to backtrack and reinstate full house arrest. A state appeals court ruled that her decision to remove him from the restrictions of the home incarceration program had been made improperly.

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