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Home Incarceration Violations

While Miller's trial was going on there were reports that he was using a cell phone smuggled into his jail cell to threaten potential witnesses who claimed to have seen him shoot Thomas. During his home incarceration the court was trying to make sure he didn't have an opportunity to do that again or communicate with anyone else with that objective in mind.

Two months later, however, Miller was again in court for a 90-minute hearing that was closed to the media and the public for all but a few minutes. The initial report that emerged from the hearing was that Miller had violated the terms of his home incarceration. No details could be reported in the May 25 edition of the Times-Picayune the day after the hearing. Sassone had imposed a gag order on both the prosecution and the defense, as well as on the family of the victim, members of whom had been at the hearing. The only new revelation was that Sassone had revoked the house arrest order on May 8, but after leaving the courtroom on the 24th, Miller returned to his grandmother's house, so apparently there had been a change in the decision.

On June 9, the Times-Picayune reported that the Jefferson Parish D.A.'s office was seeking to return Miller to prison. This time the details were a bit more specific. According to the motion filed by prosecutor Roger Jordan, Miller had stopped at a Smoothie King store on May 4, on his way back from a court-approved outing, a violation of the terms of his home incarceration. On that same day he was supposed to be back home by 12:30 p.m. but didn't return until after 4:00. He was also reportedly with his fiancée, Sabrina Green, that day without court authorization.

In addition, prosecutors contended that Miller was "out of range" of his electronic monitoring equipment on at least two occasions on May 31 and June 1 for 44 and 27 minutes, respectively. Miller, who earned millions of dollars from the sale of his records both before and after his arrest, also reportedly fell behind on his $50 a week home incarceration fees.

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