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New Trial Ordered (Again!)

Unlike his birthday the year before when the appeals court shot down Corey's request for a new trial, he finally got the birthday present he wanted when the State Supreme Court granted the defense's request two days after Corey turned 35.

Corey was in the Concordia Parish jail in Ferriday, Louisiana when he received the good news. Ironically, this was the hometown of rock and roll pioneer, Jerry Lee Lewis, also considered a musical "bad boy" in his late-1950s heyday.

In its four-page order, the state's highest court reinstated Judge Sassone's ruling that granted Corey a new trial. They said Sassone's 20-page order "reflects a painstaking review of the evidence presented at trial and in the course of 13 post-conviction hearings, during which she became convinced that one of the state's principal witnesses was 'someone who is accustomed to lying.'" The justices also noted that Sassone "did not act arbitrarily or capriciously (in issuing her retrial order) but exercised her authority" under state law to grant Corey a new trial.

On hearing the high court's decision, Rakosky immediately announced that he would seek Corey's release on bond. With no retrial date set, the attorney said he didn't think his client should remain locked up indefinitely any longer. Connick had no immediate comment on the Supreme Court decision, nor did he say whether or not his office would pursue a new trial against Corey.

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