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New Trial Ordered

On April 6, Sassone issued her long-awaited decision. Almost exactly half a year after his conviction, Corey Miller, alias C-Murder, was awarded a new trial. Agreeing that the prosecution withheld key information from the defense, she overturned Corey's September 30 conviction and ordered a new second degree murder trial for him.

While Corey's attorneys rejoiced and sought to get him released on $2 million bond, Freese immediately announced he would appeal Sassone's ruling to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal. Freese asked that all proceedings, including the bail hearing, be postponed until the Appellate Court conducted its review. Sassone declined to elaborate on her reasons for the ruling because the matter was going to be under appeal.

Several days later, Sassone ruled that Corey was being denied bond because of the pending Baton Rouge case. She also wanted to wait at least 30 days to see if the Fifth Circuit ruled on Freese's appeal. Rakosky offered to put up $2.8 million in Miller family property in Baton Rouge as security but the offer was declined.

Percy Miller Sr., father of Master P and C-Murder, told reporters he was happy Corey was getting a new trial but angry over the bail denial. "Corey should be walking out here with us today. Corey Miller is innocent of any crime," the father maintained, adding that Freese "should burn in hell" for prosecuting his son. Freese had no comment on Miller Sr.'s remarks. The victim's father, George Thomas, Jr., expressed his displeasure at having to go through another trial.

Following Sassone's ruling for a new trial, Freese announced publicly for the first time that Corey was being charged with battery on a correctional officer. The incident allegedly occurred while Corey was in jail awaiting trial. Sassone set a June 14 date for a hearing on that matter, but the charges were later dropped when the deputy resigned from the department and declined to testify against Corey.

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